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Stranger at the Pentagon is inspired by True Events from the book of the same name. It was first published in 1967. It remains a UFO Classic to date.

Craig Campobasso directed, wrote and produced the short-film Stranger at the Pentagon, which was adapted from the popular UFO book authored by the late Dr. Frank E. Stranges. After production, the short film collected accolades. In September 2014, it won Best Sci-Fi film at the Burbank International Film Festival, selling out all 275 seats—a first for the festival. In 2015, it won a Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for Best Sci-Fi Short.


  • In July 2016, filmmaker Craig Campobasso appeared on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. He shared the Stranger at the Pentagon story, about Universal Envoy Valiant Thor, and about his friend and colleague Dr. Frank Stranges. Episode: The Mysterious Nine.


Also appearing on the same episode, the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Canadian Minister of Defense (1983-1987), confirmed Valiant Thor’s three year residency at the Pentagon.


Laura Eisenhower, President Eisenhower’s great, great granddaughter, also corroborated the story. 


  • Craig Campobasso’s appearance on George Noory’s television show—Beyond Belief aired in early summer 2016. It is rated in the top ten shows of all time on the Gaia TV network. In early August 2016 it took the number two spot.


Harley Byrd was special operations officer and special investigation assignments officer for Project Blue Book (1957-1963), which was a secret military program that investigated extraterrestrials and UFOs. Byrd confirmed Valiant Thor’s existence in the foreword to Stranger at the Pentagon. Craig Campobasso released on Beyond Belief Byrd’s military honorable discharge papers proving Byrd worked for the Department of Defense. Campobasso also released a letter dated December 1956 from his Uncle, Admiral Richard E. Byrd.  The letter was addressed to a Pentagon Rear Admiral—that asked to transfer his nephew from the Ceremonial Honor Guard to the Pentagon.


  • Craig Campobasso appeared at Seacoast’s Comic-Con in July 2016 to screen the short-film and lecture about the story.


  • Campobasso has appeared on countless radio shows, including Coast to Coast with host George Noory. He has traveled across America showing the short-film to enthused audiences. 

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